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How to Get the Gig

Learn how to land the speaking gig you’ve always wanted.

You get 5 video lessons plus downloadable workbooks containing additional content and resources.
Each lesson takes less than one hour to complete, and you can work through the lessons at your own pace.

$197 USD

1 Year Access


Created and presented by Juanita Wheeler, founder of Full & Frank

Juanita Wheeler has been speaking publicly in professional settings for more than 20 years - at major events, conferences, in board rooms across a range of foreign countries, and onstage in front of thousands of people.

She is known for her strategic results-oriented thinking, ability to inspire, and trademark full and frank style.

  • Presentation, pitching & speaking coach
  • Executive Director at TEDxBrisbane
  • Founder at Full & Frank
  • Senior Fellow at Atlantic Fellows based at Oxford University
  • Adjunct Lecturer at University of Queensland
  • More than two decades writing & delivering speeches, presentations and keynotes, including her own TEDx Talk.

Bonus Lesson: How Much to Charge
Understanding when (and when not) to charge for speaking gigs, how to work out what to charge, different types of remuneration and how to negotiate your fee.

Lesson 1: Making Your List
Creating the strategic wishlist of events you want to speak at. Learn how to identify potential speaking gigs that are ideal for your idea, your speaking style, and your strategic goals.

Lesson 2: Perfecting Your Idea
Honing your great idea into 12 words or less so it is application-ready. Make it clear, succinct and punchy so people considering you for a speaking gig on their stage will be hooked and want to find out more.

Lesson 3: Making Your Case
Explaining to event curators why you are the best person to speak about the topic, and why you, plus your idea make the ideal combination for their stage

Lesson 4: How to Apply to Speak
Understanding what you should include in applications and what you should leave out, and how to actually submit unsolicited requests to speak versus formal application responses.

Lesson 5: Sending Your Applications
Getting it done. No more procrastination, imposter syndrome, or delays. You need to take action in order to get a speaking gig. Let's do it.