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Learn to develop and deliver high-impact presentations in this comprehensive step-by-step program.


Presenting for Impact is a 12-week online course that includes:

  • Weekly videos with PDF guide downloads
  • 3 live Q&A sessions per week with course creator Juanita Wheeler
  • Lifetime access to all course materials

Created and presented by Juanita Wheeler, founder of Full and Frank

Juanita Wheeler is known for her strategic results-oriented thinking, her ability to inspire, and delivering her insights and advice in a manner best described, appropriately, as full and frank.

  • Presentation, pitching & speaking coach
  • Executive Director at TEDxBrisbane
  • Founder at Full & Frank
  • Senior Fellow at Atlantic Fellows based at Oxford University
  • Adjunct Lecturer at University of Queensland
  • More than two decades of experience creating and implementing strategic solutions

Who should enroll in Presenting for Impact?

Whether you're a pro looking to polish your skills or a novice anxious about presenting to a group, any presenter trying to get their audience to say "Yes" to something or take action - whether that’s landing new clients, getting deals across the line, securing investors or grant funding, or advocating for social change.

Who might not be the best fit?

If your own public speaking focuses on presenting for entertainment, such as after-dinner speeches, emcee work and wedding toasts, we might not be the best fit for you. So, while you’d be most welcome, you might be able to find local speaking clubs or alternative courses that more closely cater to that style of speaking.


Here's an overview of what you'll learn in more than 40 lessons.

Module 1

Know Your Why

Module 2

Get Strategic

Module 3


Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


Module 7

Learn & Rehearse

Module 8

Prepare for Impact

Module 9

Perform & Follow-Up


What people are saying about Juanita and her Full & Frank coaching methods

Tanya Lou Armstrong
Celebrity Brand + Marketing Strategist

"As a longtime brand and marketing strategist, working with celebrity talent and household name brands, I've come across few educators who've enlightened me with their presentation skills the way Juanita has. She is a gem of a human and an A+ coach. I couldn't have been happier with her teaching methods and I am elated to have learned all I have from her."

Heidi Androl
Reporter | Fox Sports & ESPN

"Juanita is the kind of advisor one can only dream of having at their side when gearing up for a make or break presentation. Her easy to implement, straightforward strategies, and techniques have saved me countless hours spinning my wheels. My only regret is not having Juanita and the Full & Frank methods by my side sooner."

Brandie Price
On-Camera Confidence & Image Expert

"Juanita is a thought leader in this industry. Her Full & Frank method of teaching you everything that you need to know, and nothing that you don’t is not only immensely effective but an enjoyable, no fluff experience. I had been on the search for exactly what she has to offer for more than a decade. I could not recommend her more!"

Here's more about what you'll learn in Presenting for Impact.

Module 1 - Know Your Why

In this module, you'll discover why you have to start with why.  Why are you doing this specific presentation - from a project, personal and big-picture perspective? If you don’t know - don’t do it.

You’ll learn:

  • How understanding the reason why you are doing a presentation will set your presentation on the strategic fast track from the very beginning
  • The importance and the distinction between your project why, your personal why and your big-picture why.
  • How to put this newfound understanding to practical use moving into Module 2 - because this is an implementation course - we learn it and we put it into action.

Module 2 - Get Strategic

In this module, you’ll identify the strategic purpose of your upcoming (or wish-list) presentation. You’ll ask yourself six key questions, including who is your target audience & what do you want them to do.

You’ll learn:

  • How to hone your idea and communicate it in 12 words or less
  • How to identify your target audience
  • How to identify and refine the strategic action you want them to take
  • How to scope the journey you need them to take to get them to ‘yes’
  • How to set meaningful (rather than vanity) success metrics

Module 3 - Investigate

In this module, you’ll learn that you can’t tailor a presentation to your target audience, or decide if a presentation is even worth giving unless you know who is going to be in the room. It’s time to up your sleuthing game.

You’ll learn:

  • What logistics and facts you need to know before you develop (or agree to give) a presentation
  • Fact-finding tips to learn about your audience before the event day
  • The importance of idea allies and how to find and nurture them
  • How to conduct a presentation pre-mortem (identifying pitfalls so you can avoid killing your idea in a bad presentation)

Module 4 - Plan

In this module, you’ll plan your target audience’s journey from Point A (their mindset, beliefs & understanding at the start of your presentation) to Point B (when you deliver your final line).

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of understanding your audience’s why (distinct from your own) and how to do it
  • The importance of step-by-step journey planning for your audience
  • The best persuasion strategies for different situations, and when to use them
  • The importance of giving your audience a backflip plan if they need one, and how to strategically craft one.

Module 5 - Curate

In this module you’ll learn that curating content is both art & science. You’ll discover strategic decisions are based on a range of factors including what proof can you offer, and whose stories and what data does the target audience need to hear to move them from Point A to Point B.

You’ll learn:

  • What constitutes proof in the eyes of the audience and how to source and scrutinize it
  • When and how to tell stories (and which stories to tell)
  • The importance of origin stories, and when and how to use them
  • When to use stories and when to use data
  • When slides should and should not be used

Module 6 - Develop

In this module, you’ll draw on all the planning and decisions taken so far to refine your idea into a clear, concise message and develop the presentation that does it justice.

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide on a structure for your presentation
  • How to write your script, including different options and models and deciding what information goes where
  • How to hone a clear call to action 
  • How to create a slide deck that enhances your presentation - and only if it adds.
  • How to validate your script

Module 7 - Learn and Rehearse

In this module you’ll learn that presenting is a performance - otherwise, you could simply send your script by email. You’ll learn how to memorise until you sound like a robot then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse until you deliver it with poise, confidence and authenticity.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Engage Your Audience & Make Them Care
  • How to Memorize Your Presentation
  • Stagecraft 101 
  • Rehearsal strategies that work

Module 8 - Prepare for Impact

In this module, you’ll learn to be prepared for success, so that when you nail your presentation & convince your audience to say ‘yes’, everything is in place for them to take the next steps straight away.

You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for 'Yes'
  • How to prepare your follow-up action plan (for when the yes isn’t instant)
  • How to Nudge Fence Sitters
  • Public Relations for Presenters 101

Module 9: Perform & Follow-Up

In this module you’ll learn one of the most essential rules - Don’t panic! All that strategy, prep & rehearsing pays off right here. You will pull it all together, be set to deliver your kick-arse presentation and follow-up with your target audience to help get them to ‘yes’.

You’ll learn:

  • That panic is not at all helpful
  • Pre-event hacks to minimize stress, nerves and drama
  • On-the-day hacks to help you deliver the best possible presentation
  • Post-event hacks to help you maximize the strategic impact of your presentation
  • How to monitor and evaluate the strategic impact of your presentation, and soak up all the lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enroll in Presenting for Impact Today

Get lifetime access to the videos, guides and worksheets.

Standard Course

Pay Monthly

$387 USD/mo

for 6 months


Pay Once and Save

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VIP Offer

The exclusive VIP Offer includes everything in the standard course, plus 2 x 20 minute, one-on-one video call sessions with Juanita - one midway through the course and one following the final week. 

The VIP offer is strictly limited to 20 places.

Pay Monthly

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for 6 months


Pay Once and Save

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What if I try it out and it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

The short answer is yes. We know that Presenting for Impact is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program for developing and delivering high-impact presentations available.  

But, if for some reason you work through the first two modules of Presenting for Impact and it doesn’t feel like a fit, simply reach out to our team and we’ll give you a full refund.

Here’s how it works: By the end of 14 days (after Module 1 has been released), you’ll have received access to the first two modules of Presenting for Impact.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your future ability to develop and deliver high-impact presentations worthy of your great ideas, simply reach out to [email protected], show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

No refunds are available after 14 days.


A great idea can change the world.

Juanita Wheeler

Founder, Full & Frank.

Unfortunately, bad presentations are the place good ideas go to die.

Over the past twenty years, I have come to understand and appreciate the power of great presentations. More importantly, I’ve come to realize that great presenters are not born - they are made.  

Having a great idea is one thing. Presenting it in a way that convinces people to get on board is an entirely different skill set. The good news is, we can teach you.

My greatest joy comes from helping entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders and changemakers to develop and deliver high impact presentations, worthy of their great ideas.  Presentations that can go on to play a pivotal role in helping them realize their dreams.

So if advancing your idea requires someone to say ‘yes’ – to a funding request, a business deal, legislative reform, or anything requiring action – I can’t wait to help you make it a reality.

Whether you’re an introvert, extravert or ambivert; a first-time speaker or a more established presenter who needs to get more strategic when presenting, this course will help you lift your presentations to a whole new level.

Bad presentations are the place good ideas go to die. But with our help, you’ll never have to deliver one again.

Talk soon, Juanita